The Sales Engineer's AI Companion: Navigate the ChatGPT storm, win clients and outperform the competition

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Massive improvements and refinements. Upgraded to support GPT-4 and using its full potential.
Includes two new hacks to improve prompt result quality generally.

The value you get.

Change your industry, inspire prospects, and drive your company's vision using The Sales Engineer's ChatGPT companion. It complements discovery, qualification, desk research, and storytelling skills with immediately helpful ChatGPT prompts.

Think of ChatGPT Prompts as a new form of programming - Prompt Programming. The prompt becomes your coding language, allowing you to program the GPT quickly to perform new tasks. This document will guide you through your "Hello world!" and many more extensive prompts.

AI will make parts of an SE’s chores redundant.

Who needs a human to explain technical features? ChatGPT is more precise, available around the clock, and much more patient.

The interesting thing is that AI is replacing jobs and tasks considered irreplaceable. Remember artists and knowledge workers stating: "Never will technology be able to do what I do." And now, look at AI tools drawing every imaginable picture you want, prospecting business opportunities, and explaining complex software for six-year-olds. 

So, we must learn to work with AI. I’m a novelist, a sales engineer, and an entrepreneur. And I am nervous and excited about how technology will transform those domains. The capabilities that AI will bring and the potential for the next few years are endless.

Decide by buying this guide to educate yourself on navigating the AI storm and make it a companion instead of an enemy. 

Benefits of this product:

  • More than 21 specific and powerful prompts in seven categories
  • Designed for Sales Engineers from Sales Engineers
  • Entirely tactical, ready-to-use, no-BS prompts
  • No hours-long training course is needed
  • Once you work with the PDF, you will not want to stop anymore
  • Precious assets generated by ChatGPT that are immediately usable in your sales cycle
  • You save at least 40€ compared to buying the prompts on a marketplace for 3,99€ each
  • Massive time saving for chores like desk research, discovery, qualification, objection handling, and more
  • No frustration testing out your prompt versions and exceeding quota on ChatGPT
  • You save ~20 hours making the prompts work and refining them
  • Over 140 pages on enslaving the AI to work best for Sales Engineers

Get your copy, raise your game, and become irreplaceable valuable.

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AI knowledge that – from now on – you'll be using every day.

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The Sales Engineer's AI Companion: Navigate the ChatGPT storm, win clients and outperform the competition

3 ratings
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